Dr. Howard Rankin is an outstanding speaker who has given talks all over the world and has been featured on network TV and major shows as well as  in leading newspapers and magazines. He has an aptitude for taking scientific ideas and turning them into engaging and entertaining presentations. His repertoire is extensive and always colored with insights about the human mind. Specific talks include:

I Think Therefore I am Wrong. An insight and demonstration into how the human mind really works.

Power Talk: The Art of Effective Communication. From his book of the same name, Howard looks at the pitfalls and best practices in effective communication.

Quotes Revisited. A wry look at many famous quotes and what they tell us — or don’t tell us — about human nature.

Neuroscience and the Human Soul. What the latest cognitive neuroscience research tells us about morality, faith and spirituality.

From Sinners to Winners. The art and science of redemption and how to overcome shame, humiliation and disgrace.

I’ve got to do what? Dr. Rankin has been called “the leading lifestyle change expert” and in this presentation he describes what is really required to make lifestyle changes that last.

Howard has also given many talks on health issues such as weight loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, wellness, the brain, ADHD, and many other topics. He will customize his presentation for your needs.

“Howard is a master communicator,” — Harold Watson, Executive Director, MADD, South Carolina

“The best stand-up comedian on the serious subject of health,” Keith Rogers, Fortune 500 Company Senior Exec.

“Howard’s was the best presentation we have heard in a very long time,” — Ron, major hotel chain CEO