Psychology Career Highlights:
Academic and Employment:
PhD University of London: Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol Dependence
10 Years as Associate Professor, University of London, researching addictions, specifically the measurement and treatment of dependence. Written 35 scientific papers and articles. Editing of British Journal of Addiction, Addictive Behaviors.

Educator in clinical psychology at the Universities of London and Oxford.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, St Andrews Hospital, Northampton. Consultant to a general acute psychiatric ward, Eating Disorders and Addiction units.

Clinical Director, Hilton Head Health Institute, a leading residential wellness program.

Psychological Advisor to Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS), an international weight loss support group.

The Rankin Center for Neuroscience

Independence, Missouri School District. One of the first studies using the qEEG (a measure of brain function) to assess troubled elementary school children.

World Health Organization (WHO). Part of a team establishing the scientific criteria of dependence.

National Institute of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA). Part of team involved in the assessment of academic research centers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina. Consultant and co-creator of the Million Step March, a statewide wellness campaign.

Inspiring Wellness. Consultant and creator of a community wide wellness initiative. Consultant and content creator.
British Broadcasting Company (BBC). Consultant to a show about addiction.
Professional Writing:

StepWise Press. President of this small publishing company. The marketing arm got Dr. Rankin nationwide coverage for his books. Featured on CNN, ‘The View” and ABC’s ’20/20.’

Inspired to Lose published by Stepwise was an bestseller. Reached #5 in the Mind, Body, Spirit titles.

The TOPS Way to Weight Loss published by Hay House.
Weight Loss Interviews

Coming Soon:

Facing Up: The Art and Science of Redemption

Collaborative and Ghostwritten works:
Finding Happiness with Todd Patkin. A finalist in the Indie book awards, self-help category.

The Million Calorie March with Gary Marino. Consultant and talking head expert in this movie that won a Freddie, a ‘medical Oscar’ in the diet and nutrition category.

Tales from the Boardroom with Drew Tanzman

Barefoot, Bloodied and Bruised: The Story of Louisiana Six-man Football with Coach Barrett Murphy.

Triumphant Warrior: Wayne Moore.
The Selfish Divorce: Greg Anderson
Headstrong Performance: Marcel Daane
Charity: The Gifts of Giving: Garret Biss
The DART Principle: Marc Killian
The Selfish Marriage: Greg Anderson
The Entrepreneurial Aardvaark: Dr. Timothy Mann

Distinctions; 52 Leadership Lessons to Set You Apart:  Mark Smith

Other books soon to be released:

Blossom: Confessions of a Child of War

End Overwhelm Now

In God’s Waiting Room

The Stars of Wellness

Breaking the Press: The Incredible Story of the All-American Red Heads

Avoid Alzheimer’s and Build a Better Brain

Love, Marriage and other Disasters

Upshift Your Life

Other works include: The 7 Steps to Wellness, 10 Steps to a Great Relationship, Power Talk: the Art of Effective Communication, The 5 Keys to Behavior Change, The Choice is Yours, The Science of You and The Seven Mental Challenges of Golf.